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Cambuchion Plus 360 casules


Cambuchion Plus Strengthens the immune system, imporves memory and provides a vital addition of energy.
Each capsule of Cambuchion contains: Tricholoma mushroom, Bioflavonoids, Coenzyme Q10 and Spirulina.

Benefits of Cambuchion Plus’s components

The Japanese mushroom Tricholoma

This mushroom contains a unique amino acid named Eritadenine (efficiently reduces blood cholesterol levels) and a substance that stimulates the production of the immune system’s macrophages, which exterminate foreign cells invading our body (such as germs).


Assist slowing the aging process of blood vessels, strengthen blood vessel walls and prevent adhesion of blood cells.

Coenzyme Q10

This substance is naturally produced by our body until approximately the age of 40. We can find high concentration of it in heart cells. It protects fat molecules from the oxidation of free radicals and forms an antioxidant that resembles Vitamin E.

Spirulina Platensis Spirulina

is rich with vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids and fats. It efficiently balances the blood glucose level, treats conditions of anemia and strengthens the immune system.

Recommended dosage of Cambuchion Plus: 2 capsules x day around meal times. Packages of 60 vegetable capsules (monthly packages) are available.

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