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Quanzim Q10


Quanzim Q10 plays a key role throughout energy production in body cells. This process takes place in the mitochondria, the cell’s “power plant”. It is a powerful antioxidant that can exterminate free radicals before they cause any damage by protecting our DNA, cell walls and several enzymatic systems that take part in the metabolism process.

As the heart consumes a lot of energy, the highest concentration of Quanzim Q10 is in its cells. Studies have clearly shown correlation between cardiac insufficiency and lack of this ingredient. Furthermore, many studies have proved positive results in cardiac insufficiency patients following the use of this supplement. The findings demonstrated significant gradual improvement in heart function and reduction of symptoms, such as chest aches, abnormal pulse and fatigue. It was also found that Q10 supplements may assist blood pressure regulation and reduction, namely in diabetic patients suffering from oxidative stress, which proved to be a critical factor throughout the development of the disease and its complications. This substance stimulates enzymes and forms an antioxidant that resembles one of the vitamins our body naturally produces. Quanzim Q10 (60 mg) Contains 60 vegetable capsules (monthly package) of 60 mg. Recommended dosage: 2 capsules x day around meal times.

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