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Spirulina Plus


Spirulina helps reducing nutritional shortages in our body. As Western nutrition often lacks vital ingredients, it can be an important supplement in a diet plan and help you lose weight or provide you with a healthy nutritional basis.

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Spirulina is a micro-seaweed with one of the richest protein content among all natural foods. It contains 70% complete protein. Spirulina seaweed grows in Central and South America, reproduces in incredible rate and creates a vital and healthy feeling by strengthening the immune system, reducing cholesterol and promoting the formation of new skin and hair cells. Spirulina seaweed contains a high concentration of Beta Carotene, which was found extremely efficient against many types of cancer, as well as inflammatory and infectious factors. Recommended dosage of Spirulina Plus: 2 capsules x day around meal times. Packages of 60 vegetable capsules (monthly packages) are available.

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