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Magnesium Plus


Thanks to its many chemical capacities, magnesium assists the prevention and treatment of various medical conditions – heart diseases, hypertension, pre-eclampsia and dental problems. It addition, it can help you improve your athletic performance. Magnesium is major mineral in our body. It is vital for tissues, bones, protein and fatty acid production, muscle relaxation, coagulation and insulin secretion control.

Magnesium in medicine

Many studies have demonstrated magnesium’s importance along the treatment of heart disease. It reduces the death rate due to heart diseases. Proper consumption of magnesium also assists the prevention of diabetes, as this mineral effects insulin secretion and enables its reception in body cells. Magnesium supplements help blood vessels expand, prevent muscle cramps and improve our stamina during physical activities. Pregnant women need large amounts of magnesium. Studies show that daily magnesium consumption during pregnancy lowers the odds of pre-eclampsia, helps reducing blood pressure and increase the fetus’s weight. When using magnesium supplements, magnesium citrate provides better solubility and bioavailability in our body. Recommended dosage of Magnesium Plus: 2 capsules x day around meal times. Packages of 60 vegetable capsules (monthly packages) are available..

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