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It is both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and exterminates viruses, bacteria and fungi. Curcumin may also assist protecting the heart.


Curcumin in medicine

Regular use of curcumin pills reduces cholesterol levels, prevents thrombocyte agglutination (they stick together in a mass), and contributes to blood dilution. Therefore, the risk of embolism and blood clots is reduced. People who take Coumadin must consult their physician prior to the use of Curcumin as food supplement. The cumin root, “the spice of life”, has been considered a blood purifying medication in popular medicine for thousands of years. Recommended dosage of Curcumin Care: 2-3 capsules x day around meal times.

Use on an empty stomach is recommended in order to optimize the effect. Packages of 60 vegetable capsules (monthly packages) are available.

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