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Alpha-lipoic acid


It is very important to add alpha lipoic acid to meals of diabetic patients. Alpha lipoic acid is vital, as it helps preserving valid blood glucose levels. Sometimes it even reduces the need for insulin supplements.

Alpha lipoic acid for diabetic patients Type-2 diabetes is common among middle-aged men and women. It is caused by the resistance of body cells to insulin – the hormone that promotes absorption of glucose from the blood to body cells. Long-lasting high blood glucose concentration accelerates the development of sclerosis and creates several damages to the nerve system: neuropathy (damage to peripheral nerves), loss of vision and even blindness, increased vulnerability to infections etc. Supplements of alpha lipoic acid have proved to dramatically improve the absorption rate of glucose in body cells. They also slow the destruction of pancreas cells (vital to insulin production). Therefore, it is recommended to add alpha lipoic acid to meals of diabetic patients. Recommended dosage of alpha lipoic acid: 2 capsules x day around meal times. Packages of 60 vegtable capsules (monthly packages) are available..

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