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Gymnema is a climbing plant originated in central and southern India. In Indian medicine it has been considered a natural diabetes medication for approximately two thousand years. Studies show that long-term use of Gymnema leaves reduces blood glucose levels and neutralizes the sweet taste in the mouth. The active ingredient that creates these effects is in the gymnemic acids. It regulates glucose and even forms a sugar substitute.


Recent studies about Gymnema

The active ingredient in this plant is known as gymnemic acid. This acid is anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory. During a study in 1967, the acid was isolated from the leaves and identified as an important active glucose regulator. Advanced studies in 1971 discussed the acid’s influence on the taste of sugar. A study that was conducted in 2003 implied that this plant blocks receptors of sweet taste. The acid was recognized as reducer of glucose and amino acid levels in the intestines. Another study, in 2005, showed that a medical solution made of the leaves caused reversible effects and created an increase in insulin and calcium levels. These findings suggest that the solution components assist the insulin travel into the cell. Recommended dosage of Gymnema: 2 capsules x day around meal times.


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